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Novoquad launches New Radio Jammer

Our new ND-BR001 Radio Jammer is now availiable. Novoquad has launched a new generation of smart cellular jammers.It is specially designed to cover low frequence:

1)RF-Frequency: 136-155MHz
2)RF-Frequency: 155-174MHz
3)RF-Frequency: 400-450MHz
4)RF-Frequency: 450-480MHz

The application area can be Theatres,Libraries,Museums,Hospitals,Meeting room, etc.

Novoquad is continuously developing new products to meet our valued worldwide customers.

About NovoQuad

NovoQuad is a world-class security product/solutions supplier headquartered in Delaware, USA.

NovoQuad offers a wide range of defense and security solutions designed for clients from Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military ,police to Corporate and Civilian end users. NovoQuad has over 200 security & defense products in six categories: Bomb Jamming System, Cellular Interception System, Counter Surveillance System, See Through Wall Radar System, Scanning System, X-Ray Inspection System. Novoquad specializes in High-end Security Equipment design and manufacture including Bomb/RF Jammer, Cellualr jammer,Cellular Interceptor, Global mobile locating system,Wifi interceptor,See through wall imaging radar,GSM interception system, Counter Measure/surveillance equipments etc. Our new technology research lab allows NovoQuad staying lead with providing state of the art products and services.