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Powerful communications monitoring equipment from NovoQuad

Terrorism and unlawful activities have prevailed and flourished in the modern information age. Rapid advances in telecommunication and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies constantly challenge intelligence agencies around the world in a relentless race.

Currently, security agencies, law enforcement and government agencies require security solution for daily operations, monitoring, locating and tracking wireless systems, from licensed trunk radios to wireless, cordless phones, intercepting, tracking and localizing electronic signals that could trigger explosive devices, or tracking phones involved in criminal activities.

Novoquad is a leading supplier worldwide for its unique and powerful communications monitoring equipment. Such systems have been deployed with many government agencies worldwide, as national security assets, as well as for the use by law enforcement agencies.

About NovoQuad

NovoQuad is a world-class security product/solutions supplier headquartered in Delaware, USA.

NovoQuad offers a wide range of defense and security solutions designed for clients from Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military ,police to Corporate and Civilian end users. NovoQuad has over 200 security & defense products in six categories: Bomb Jamming System, Cellular Interception System, Counter Surveillance System, See Through Wall Radar System, Scanning System, X-Ray Inspection System. Novoquad specializes in High-end Security Equipment design and manufacture including Bomb/RF Jammer, Cellualr jammer,Cellular Interceptor, Global mobile locating system,Wifi interceptor,See through wall imaging radar,GSM interception system, Counter Measure/surveillance equipments etc. Our new technology research lab allows NovoQuad staying lead with providing state of the art products and services.