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Vehicle Jamming Solution

During counter-terrorism operations, protecting military and VIP convoys from the threats of Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) – road side bombs has become the most urgent task.

It is proud to offer a selection of the advanced Vehicle Jamming Solution developed by NovoQuad team. The Vehicle Jamming System is a kind of Bomb Jammer which could be used for radio signal jamming. The system adopts the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology and is equipped with a fully integrated broadband jamming system. With the system mounted in the vehicle trunk and the antennas installed on the vehicle roof, the individual travelers inside the moving vehicle will be well protected from IED threats.

The Vehicle Jamming System with its special advantages, including soundly defeating IED threats, efficient power distribution of internal RF jamming telemetry and optimum cooling system for desert climate use, is practically the best choice to defend your military and VIP convoys from the threats of radio activated bombs.

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UAV Detecting and Jamming Solution

In recent years, UAVs are increasingly becoming widespread, which are affordable, easy to obtain and simple to fly, and creating threats to critical infrastructure protections, such as government premises, military bases, VIP residences, airports, borders, prisons, etc.

To defend against the threats of UAVs, NovoQuad team has designed and developed the UAV Detecting and Jamming Solution.

Based on our advanced long-range radar and jamming technology, the UAV Detecting and Jamming System could efficiently detect any kinds of UAVs, no matter micro-drones or large UAVs, and force them landing, hovering or returning. Typically, micro-drones would be detected at distance of 2-4km, allowing adequate time for countermeasures if needed. Besides, the detected UAVs by the system could also be tracked visually by the thermal camera or with an external PTZ camera for further analysis.

The UAV Detecting and Jamming System would well protect the critical infrastructures and objects from the threats of UAVs, as well as protection against the smuggling or drugs or weapons transferred via UAVs.

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X-Ray Inspection Solution

Currently, X-ray Inspection System is employed in a wide range of applications, for customs, law enforcement, police, airport, private business and others.

With the state-of-the-art technology, NovoQuad team provides the high-tech, cost-effective and easy-to-use X-ray Inspection Solution ranging from portable police inspection, vehicle inspection and track & container inspection.

The X-ray Inspection System combines the extensive benefit of scanning process with the state-of-the-art image processing. A special generator designed and manufactured by NovoQuad team produces the X-rays needed for scanning. The comprehensive data gathered by ultra-sensitive detectors would be timely and digitally stored for further process. The ensuing detailed and high-contrast image would be shown on a color monitor for analysis. Besides, numerous analysis functions would help the operator to assess the scanned object.

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Near Field Monitoring Solution

Counter Surveillance

In today's world of high-tech devices, near-field surveillance and monitoring is quite critical for regional security, no matter for battlefield intelligence reconnaissance in conventional warfare, search of criminal targets or border protection.

Given the importance of field surveillance and monitoring, NovoQuad team is proud to introduce the Near Field Monitoring Solution which is widely adopted to target the ground movement, low-altitude helicopters and sea targets, and find the target to achieve positioning and its classification and identification.

The Near Field Monitoring System designed and developed by NovoQuad team is a reconnaissance and surveillance radar with high-performance detection function, multi-target display function, audio alarm function and tracking record function. The system could accurately detect various objects, such as single soldier, crowd, vehicle, tank, armed vehicle, helicopter, various types of the vessels, etc. Based on a series of technical measures, the system is capable of detecting and extracting target information in a complex environment with strong clutter.

The obvious advantages of the system are showed during use, including high-quality components, easy installation, 24 hours of continuous work, all-weather work ability and anti-interference ability. Considering there may be no sufficient technicians at the system installation site, the diagnostic function and backup replacement function were equipped with the system to shorten the maintenance time.

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Communication Interception Solution

Nowadays, interception of communications has become the most important task in surveillance field. Reliable and portable interception solutions are critical to the success of interception operations.

The Communication Monitoring Cellular Interception System developed by NovoQuad team enables law enforcement agencies to monitor and track criminal and terrorist elements. By using our solution, the enemies of the state and suspects could be dealt with before they strike. How? By listening to them, monitoring their activities and keeping logs record of their conversations.

The Communication Interception System could be developed and customized for government agencies looking to acquire a cellular interception solution for the region they seek to monitor. For example, the GSM Interception System is capable of providing a good deal of valuable information, whether it is voice or data evidence that needs to be collected and monitored. Besides, the cellular locating system could be configured to detect and locate mobile phones operating in standards of GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900.

With our state-of-the-art communication monitoring technologies, various communication interception systems and solutions could be developed and customized for government agencies and their authorized representatives.

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