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UAV Detecting and Jamming Solution

In recent years, UAVs are increasingly becoming widespread, which are affordable, easy to obtain and simple to fly, and creating threats to critical infrastructure protections, such as government premises, military bases, VIP residences, airports, borders, prisons, etc.

To defend against the threats of UAVs, NovoQuad team has designed and developed the UAV Detecting and Jamming Solution.

Based on our advanced long-range radar and jamming technology, the UAV Detecting and Jamming System could efficiently detect any kinds of UAVs, no matter micro-drones or large UAVs, and force them landing, hovering or returning. Typically, micro-drones would be detected at distance of 2-4km, allowing adequate time for countermeasures if needed. Besides, the detected UAVs by the system could also be tracked visually by the thermal camera or with an external PTZ camera for further analysis.

The UAV Detecting and Jamming System would well protect the critical infrastructures and objects from the threats of UAVs, as well as protection against the smuggling or drugs or weapons transferred via UAVs.

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