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See Through Wall Imaging Solution

The equipped facility capable of locating moving targets behind walls or optically nontransparent obstacles could greatly improve the situational awareness during anti-terrorism operations, natural disaster rescue missions and searching operations.

The See Through Wall Imaging Solution developed by NovoQuad team is widely used to provide fast, tactical Information regarding movement, distance, speed and direction behind walls or solid objects by showing the down-range versus cross-range image and static versus dynamic image of all moving targets at a video frame rate.

In order to satisfy customers’ different demands, NovoQuad team offers customized systems with various specifications, functions and prices under this solution with the world-leading design and manufacture level.

Equipped with ND-SV003, as the advanced model, the operators could detect distance and direction in horizontal plane to people behind walls or solid objects and receive information about the conditions of each individual (sleeping, in calm mood or exited). The removable and remote display would show the rate and amplitude of the individual’s chest movements during breathing.

ND-SV003A, as the intermediate model, could detect distance to people behind walls or solid objects. The indicator would show the distance from the radar to the detected people behind walls or solid objects, without indicating directions to them.

ND-SV003B, as the primary model, is widely used by watchmen or for searching purpose. It could detect presence or absence of people in closed spaces. When a person is detected, the system would give light or sound signal.

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