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Demo Trip for Agent in Southeast Asia

In order to build a long-term cooperation relationship with the agents and improve their sales performance, NovoQuad team was invited to conduct product demonstrations and trainings for both technical and sales staff of the agents from 11/21/2016 to 11/23/2016.

The ND-IM005 Wi-Fi Interception System which is one of the most popular products of NovoQuad was demonstrated. The technical and sales staff of the agent together with the engineering experts of NovoQuad had a lively discussion regarding the Active and Reactive functions of the system. Compared with other competing products, the ND-IM005 Wi-Fi Interception System showed significant performance advantages. Speaking highly of the high performance of the system, the CEO and the technical director of the agent believed that the system would have vast market prospects in Southeast Asia, and would promote the system to the local government.

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