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ND-BD001 Portable UAV Jammer


The ND-BD001 is specially designed to disturb the invading drones. Once there is any invading drone, the jammer would interfere, force and control the invading drone by manual operation.

Due to its high performance and extreme portability, the jammer is widely adopted for the defense and protection of low-altitude areas without blind zone. With the characteristics of long jamming range, small size and light weight, the system is easy to operate and widely used in various scenarios, such as high-security site protection, counter-terror attack, crack-down on cross-border crime and individual privacy protection.


Jamming frequency band U band L band S band C band
Frequency range 840-930MHz 1.52-1.62GHz 2.40-2.50GHz 5.70-5.90GHz
Jamming distance 1km 1km 1km 1km
Jamming signal/effective signal ratio 10:1 / 10:1 10:1
Equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) 45.3dBm 49.5dBm 54dBm 54.1dBm
Jamming angle ±10°
Power consumption 70W
Host weight 4.2Kg
Product weight 11Kg
Product dimension 795 x 172 x 159mm
Work temperature -20℃ - +50℃
Protection level IP66


Bomb/RF Jamming System


• Small and lightweight

• Easy to operate

• Long jamming range

• Highly reliable and stable

• Integration design

• Multiple frequency coverage