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ND-BL003 Reactive Convoy Jammer


The ND-BL003 is specially designed and developed for protection of VIPs, convoys and high security objects against threats from possible terrorist acts of explosive devices through radio controlled detonation.

By adopting the Smart Power® technology, the ND-BL003 can conduct ultra-fast detecting transmittance of radio signal within device operating frequency range, and be blasting and automatically spot jamming such signal. Besides, the ND-BL003 can optimally distribute jamming power along operating frequency range automatically, and is also equipped with built-in digital diagnostics system with system alarms.

The ND-BL003 is simply the best way to defend military convoys and troops from the threat of radio-activated and road-side bombs. The fully integrated reactive jamming system provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys, or VIP protection.


Frequency range 20MHz-6000MHz
Radius of radio controlled fuses blocking zone (by international measuring method) ≥1000m
Average speed of scanning of operation frequency range 3000GHz/sec
Spectral density by power of jamming signal 10 W/KHz
Instantaneous bandwidth 20MHz/40MHz
Typical detection/Reaction latency 20~200μs
Spectral sensitivity -90dBm
Exciter signal generator switching speed 10μs
Dimensions 1200 X 1000 X 700mm
Weight Approx. 80kg


Bomb/RF Jamming System


• Ultra-fast detecting transmittance of radio signals for blasting and automatic spot jamming at the detected frequency within device operating frequency range

• Application of Smart Power® technology

• Device can operate in barrage if necessary

• Automatic optimal distribution of jamming power along operating frequency range

• High spectral density by power

• Built-in digital diagnostics system with system alarms

• Manufactured in compliance with military standards

Complete Set

• Jammer module  x 1 (or several)
• Antenna  x 1 (or several)
• Battery  x 1
• Power Supply  x 1
• Remote Control(optional)  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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