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ND-FM001 Near Field Monitoring System


The ND-FM001 is mainly used to perform surveillance and monitoring on the field. The main detecting objects include the single soldier, crowd, vehicle, tank, armed vehicle, helicopter, various types of the vessels, etc.

The system is capable of performing monitoring on near field ground and low attitude target. It’s easy and convenient for transportation, set-up and long operational duration.

The main function of the ND-FM001 is to perform detection of target signal, target display, recording and tracking, 2D map display, receiving various manual invasion country command, collator in surveillance, coordination, transportation, intelligence report and storage.


Working frequency range Ku band
Working mode Short range mode: 0.3-7km
Long rang mode: 4-30km
Detect distance
(Pd=0.8, Pfa=10-6)
Detect on single soldier 10km (σ=0.7m2)
Detect on light vehicle 20km (σ=2m2)
Detect on helicopter 25km (σ=5m2)
Detect on tank or heavy vehicle 30km (σ=10m2)
Antenna screen range 10°-360°
Antenna pitching range -12°-+12°
Antenna screen speed 3°, 6°, 12°/S
Antenna single wave beam Half power wave beam width Position ≤ 1.2° Pitching ≤ 3°
Level Position ≤ -25dBi
Objective radial direction 3km/hr-72 km/hr
Mini detect distance ≥ 300m
Detect distance precision ≤ 15m
Position precision ≤ 0.2°
Distance resolution ≥ 10m
Azimuth resolution ≤ 1.2°
Weight ≤ 35kg
MTBF ≥ 2000hours
MTTR 30minutes
Installation/Dis-installation ≤ 10minutes/2 persons


Monitoring Radar System


• All-solid-state, coherent, digital pulse compression processing, which can be used for low speed dynamical target

• Perfect interference free from active and passive objective

• Multi-objectives display, which can be tracking while searching on the multi-objectives

• 2D map display (3D on request), receiving each manual interference order

• Good data transmission, long distance operation and audio alarm function

• Support replay history data from storage, and analyze based on the data

• Support longtime working with high capacity battery and low power consumption

• Portable back-pack or vehicular design, easy operation, quick installation

Complete Set

• Near Field Monitoring System  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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