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ND-SV006 Handheld See Through Wall Radar System


The ND-SV006 is an ultra-portable, handheld and durable see through wall radar. It is specially designed to provide critical information in real time about the existences and positions of vital bodies behind the wall for the rescue mission, police anti-terrorist and quick search of targets.

The system is equipped with two-dimensional positioning function and powerful detection modes, including subsection scanning, static target detection, moving target detection and sensitivity adjustment, which can be set based on various situations. By using the system, aid quality and efficiency will be effectively improved.


Radar system UWB (ultra wide band) radar
Penetrable wall material Non-metal materials like concrete, soil, rock and other materials with low water contents
Work frequency 0.7-2.4GHz
Detection mode Two-dimensional positioning; Multiple-detection of static and moving targets
Numbers of detected targets 3-5
Wall penetration thickness 24-36cm (brick concrete)
Detection distance for static targets 15m
Detection distance for moving targets 30m
Detection angle ±60°
Durable work time ≥6h
Dimension 280mm x 120mm x 100mm
Weight ≤1.5Kg
Detection mode selection functions Subsection scanning mode Static target detection mode Moving target detection mode
Operating temperature -20℃ - 60℃


See Through Wall Radar System


• Reliable through- wall detection of the common wall materials

• One-handed operation design, small and portable, available for multi-way carry and quick operation

• Accurately position the two-dimensional coordinates of targets

• Simple User Interface, providing clear and visual search results

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