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ND-SV007 3D See Through Wall Radar System


The ND-SV007 is a 3D portable, handheld and durable see through wall radar. It is specially designed to achieve rapid target research in rescue, anti-terrorist and other emergency rescues. It has the function of three-dimensional positioning of moving and static targets, can achieve reliable through-wall detection of common wall materials and rapidly search & position the targets. By using the ND-SV007, the aid quality and efficiency has been effectively improved.


Radar system Portable 3D imaging through-wall radar
Penetrable wall material Non-metal materials like concrete, soil, rock and other materials with low water contents
Start-up time ≤10s
Detection & Display 3D imaging, display distance, direction, height, status of target
Numbers of detected targets ≥5 targets
Protection class IP65
Detection distance for static targets

≥20m (penetrate 24cm brick and concrete mixed wall)

Detection distance for moving targets

≥30m (penetrate 24cm brick and concrete mixed wall)

Detection angle 120°in azimuth angle and 90° in elevation angle
Continuous working time ≥4h
Dimension ≤500mm x 500mm x 160mm
Weight ≤7.0Kg
Anti-dropping ≥1.0m
Operating temperature -20℃-60℃


See Through Wall Radar System


• Reliable through-wall detection of the common wall materials

• Small, light and portable, quick to operate.

• Accurately position the 3D coordinates of target, and display the number of moving/static targets and movement tracks.

• Simple user interface, providing clear and visual detection results

Complete Set

• Radar Host  x 1
• Lithium Battery  x 1
• Charger  x 1
• Adapter  x 1
• Power Cable  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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