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ND-VR002 Visual Fusion Alarm System


The ND-VR002 is mainly designed to focus on outdoor perimeter security solution such as around the prisons, which has lower false alarm and higher recognition rate.

It adopts compound intrusion sensors with multiple techniques to detect targets. Radar sensor utilizes advanced digital signal processing technology to effectively capture and detect targets, and then directly transfers the signal to video acquisition system. The dual-mode sensors would synchronously transfer the signal to alarm center by digital network and realize the real video relevant action. The video data could be cached in real time and provide video browsing and recording in 5s before alarm. This is our great breakthrough in radar technology and video interactive technology.


Radar System
Radar type MIMO electronically scanning FMCW radar
Detection modes Doppler moving targets detection
Slowly moving targets detection
Rapidly running-across targets detection
Working frequency 24.125GHz
Optional working frequency channels 10
Transmitting power 18dBm
Multiple radars networking Ethernet, CAN
Embedded software Remote upgraded by Ethernet or CAN
Dimensions 200 x 150 x 20mm
Weight 950g
Detection Performance
Detection range Slowly moving targets 0-120m
3~7cm/s moving targets 0-120m
Elbows and knees crawling targets 0-120m
Walking targets 0-150m
>7cm/s moving targets 0-150m
Rapid running cross targets 0-200m
Fastest moving speed for detection 30m/s
No. of tracked targets simultaneously 32
Targets patterns Human beings/vehicles/animals/unknown
Recognition rate 99%
False alarm rate 1 target/day
Targets separation Target velocity difference: >20cm/s
Targets spacing: >2m
Detection Zone
Detection range 150m
Horizontal electric scanning sector 13°( controllable)
Vertical lobe
Refresh rate of electric scanning 12Hz
Height of installation 0.6-3m


Monitoring Radar System


•Long detection range
Utilize MMIC design with the integration of SiGe technique, to efficiently reduce the power consumption and enhance the sensitivity. In an open environment, the detection range could reach as far as 150m.

•High resistant to interference
Adopt the principle of background cancellation to detect the moving targets at all time and all weather. Support 10 optional frequency channels, to avoid itself interference or that of the nearby 24GHz traffic speed-measuring radar.

•Rapid detection reaction
Adopt the cutting-edge FPGA and dual ARM heterogeneous processor, the scanning to the monitoring environment is no less than 10 times per second.

•High detection accuracy
Due to the pattern recognition technique, the ND-VR002 could recognize the small animals like flying birds or cats, which greatly reduce the false alarm rate.

•Easy to install
With a small size and light weight, it is very convenient for installation.

•Superior compatibility to facilitate system integration
Support Ethernet port (TCP/UDP) and serial data transmission. Support the linkage with our current integrated visual fusion system and the third party security alarm system.

•Front-end video alarm module and software
With the intelligent analysis of the 2 web cameras, it could realize the real-time tracking and precise shot in alarming.

Complete Set

• Visual Fusion Alarm Radar  x 1
• User Manual  x 1

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