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Bomb/RF Jamming System

Bomb/RF Jamming System is specially designed to protect VIPs, Military/Security staff or EOD teams from RCIEDs used by terrorist. Our Jammer series use the latest jamming technology Smart Power®, which is a best in class, advanced reactive jamming technology that helps to save power consumption for the whole system and extends battery life up to 5 times longer (depending on the threat signal pattern).

The ND-BP009 is a portable signal jamming device and specially designed and developed for protection of personal and property safety against threats from possible terrorist acts of explosive devices through radio controlled detonation.

By adopting the advanced jamming technology, the system can scan the wideband frequency range from 20MHz to 6000MHz with stable performance. Equipped with built-in battery, the system can use both electric power supply and battery power supply. Pull-rod appearance design makes the system much more portable and flexible to carry, and user-friendly control panel makes the system much easier to be operated.

Due to its significant advantages, the system is widely applicable to large-scale stadiums, special police teams, counter-terrorism forces, drug control units, explosion-proof, explosives detonation teams, checkpoints, hostage negotiations, frontier defenses, etc.

Frequency bands and output power can be customized based on demands and circumstance.


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The ND-BS003 is designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) used by terrorist.

Having considered the variety of jamming targets and the wide range of uncertainties, the more advanced and effective jamming signal modulation method is adopted, which significantly increases the jamming efficiency in each band, for the purpose of providing security protection and ensuring the safety of VIPs.

By adopting the unique Smart Power® technology, the wideband frequency coverage range of the system can be from 20 to 2700MHz (up to 6GHz based on requirements) and its total response time is less than 200μs. Besides, automatic self-protection mechanism effectively supports stable operation and long service life by preventing the system from overheating and over-current.

The ND-BS005 is specially designed and developed to block remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) used by terrorists or criminals, for protecting office building, government facilities, military bases, checkpoint, gathering place and other relevant key areas.

By adopting the advanced digital scrambling jamming technology, the system can effectively scan the wideband frequency range for threat signals. When a threat signal is identified, the system will transmit a jamming signal to eliminate the potential threat and defeat RCIEDs, in order to save life and property.

The ND-BL003 is specially designed and developed for protection of VIPs, convoys and high security objects against threats from possible terrorist acts of explosive devices through radio controlled detonation.

By adopting the Smart Power® technology, the ND-BL003 can conduct ultra-fast detecting transmittance of radio signal within device operating frequency range, and be blasting and automatically spot jamming such signal. Besides, the ND-BL003 can optimally distribute jamming power along operating frequency range automatically, and is also equipped with built-in digital diagnostics system with system alarms.

The ND-BL003 is simply the best way to defend military convoys and troops from the threat of radio-activated and road-side bombs. The fully integrated reactive jamming system provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys, or VIP protection.