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Wi-Fi & Lawful Interception System

Wi-Fi & Lawful Interception System is specially developed to intercept data and detect and locate supsects for government agencies, law enforcement authorities, private companies, etc. The system with the world leading technology developed by our R&D department is powerful, effective and reliable.

The ND-IM005 is specially designed and developed for police operations and searching of information leaks in the office premises, government agencies and other structures where access to Wi-Fi networks is possible.

The system consists of 2 main modules:
- Cracking Module (Cracker)
- Interception Module (Interceptor)

The system can work either in passive (monitoring) or active modes. In monitoring mode, the operator can see ALL network users (working, connected, not connected) which are present within system coverage. The operator can create database of MAC addresses, signals levels and all access points of users.

he ND-IM006 as the high-end version adopts the advanced technology and has more powerful performance in intercepting and monitoring information and data via networks.

The system consists of 4 main modules:
• Cracking Module (Penetrator)
• Interception Module (Interceptor)
• Localization Module (Air Check)
• Long-term Mobile Operation Carrier

The system has powerful functions of intercepting/RF jamming on Wireless Traffic over the Air, intercepting on Wired Traffic in the LAN and as SSL proxy for interception on HTTPS Traffic at both LAN and WLAN.

The ND-IM007 is developed for law enforcement authority to monitor the telecom networks in the definite period for the purpose of crime investigation by the warrant order from court according to law.